Brother and sister, Phil & Lou Ayre, run their free range chicken farm with real care and professionalism. We are proud to bake with their eggs and they are great people to work with.

John Peck – Peck & Strong

Black Dog eggs are without doubt the best eggs my wife and I have tasted in a long while. Sadly “No single yolks yet”!!! and worth the 90 mile round trip we make every month from Plymouth. Please “lay” closer to this part of Devon please. They make the most wonderful omelette.

Mark Savery, Plymouth

We’ve been eating your eggs for several months now which we get from Chawleigh shop. You may like to know that we do not now look at any other eggs. The quality is consistently superb – firm shells, beautiful yellow yolks, wonderful taste. Great!

Paul Wellman

Dear Lou,
We spoke with you at the Tedburn Fair and bought 2 dozen. Just for fun we thought that you might like to know that out of 24 Black Dog eggs, 20 of them were double yolks! We are now only buying Black Dog Free Range eggs because the taste is far superior.
It was a pleasure to speak with you and so refreshing to meet someone who is energetic about their business.We wish you and your brother great success!!

The Powells

We recently bought a box of Black Dog eggs, extra large. We were very impressed with the beautiful golden yolks and we got 3 double yolkers!! Please thank the hens for us.

Margaret Jenkins

01884 860215